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The Nintendo Switch is a killer console thanks to its portability and multiple form factors for play. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few accessories for your Nintendo Switch to make the experience a lot better. After all, it is a console that is designed to be used with a variety of accessories.Shop your next Gadget at

So, here, we’ve compiled some handy gadgets that will make you make the most out of your Nintendo Switch. Whether you want a better Nintendo Switch experience with your hands, on the go, or when connected to your TV, these accessories we have on this list will work just right even on the smaller handheld as well.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Any gamer should consider the Switch Pro Controller, especially if they play a lot of docked Switch games on their TV. Like the pack-in Joy-Con controller, this fantastic traditional controller includes a share button, so there’s no lost functionality as well as an NFC chip to use with Nintendo’s Amiibo. Although it’s quite expensive for a controller, it’s a sure pick for those who are looking for another reliable controller.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you protect your phone screen, then you should also consider getting your Nintendo Switch a screen protector too. The tempered glass screen protector from amFilm offers 99.9% screen transparency, which means that it guarantees no interference to your view while you play the latest Zelda quest. This screen protector is effective and cheap.

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RDS Carry Case

If you’re thinking of taking your Nintendo Switch on the go, then you may need a case to secure it properly.  The RDS Carry Case can protect your console from the elements and yourself from dropping it accidentally. It also has a pair of hard clamshell cases that allow you to toss multiple games while not worrying about them coming loose and knocking around.

Samsung Evo Select 256GB

The Switch has an internal storage of 32GB, but even so, it can still fill up pretty quickly after a few games. If you want to store more onto your Nintendo console, you should invest in a Samsung Evo Select 256GB that essentially octuples the Switch’s storage capacity.

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Satisfye SwitchGrip

The Satisfye SwitchGrip is all about providing your hands a pair of ergonomic grips to hold onto. This way, both your fingers and thumb can wrap around properly rather than digging at the bottom of the Joy-Cons. Plus, the handles are also diagonally arranged to allow your wrists to sit at a more natural angle. Lastly, it adds an extra plastic frame that allows the console to stand up as it’s designed as a natural kickstand.

Yobwin Portable Backup Charger Station

Battery cases are an excellent way to get extra mileage out of your Switch, but the Portable Backup Charger Station by Yobwin does even more. On top of fitting a battery of 10,000mAh onto the back of your Nintendo Switch, it also gives you more ergonomics for your controllers. The battery case includes sculpted grips that can go around the outside of your Joy-Con, making them a lot easier to hold for those who have hands larger than a child’s.

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