What Is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair


What is the best vacuum for pet hair? Well based on my experience, it’s not going to be one of the cheap ones you pick up just anywhere. Personally, I went through two vacuum cleaners, cheap vacuum cleaners that is. That is before I finally decided I had to upgrade and pay good money instead of continuing to waste money on another vacuum cleaner.


A lot of the cheaper vacuum cleaners simply can’t handle the work required to genuinely vacuum pet hair and pet dander. For this reason, you need a vacuum that is designed for the sole purpose of cleaning up after your pets.

There are many designs of pet vacuums on the market. Personally I went with a more well-known brand that is light-weight, cordless and came with several cleaning extensions. These cleaning extensions work well for cleaning behind the couch, inside my dog’s crate and even on the couch. Also, the most important feature of this vacuum for pet hair is its HEPA filter.

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So in other words, this vacuum cleaner isn’t just doing a good job of vacuuming the hair in my living areas, it’s also cleaning the allergens that could otherwise be dispersed throughout my home inflaming and making allergies worse for me and my family. So keep your eye out for a vacuum with a HEPA filter. It’s well worth it.


Another thing I’d look at when looking for the best vacuum for pet hair would be the company’s track record. How long has the company been around? Have any of their products been recalled? What do the Amazon reviews say?

It’s so easy to do research on products these days because of the internet. Spending a simple fifteen minutes of research can tell you all you need to know about what might be the best vacuum for the pet hair and dander in your home.


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I spent good money on my vacuum, but looking back, it has been well worth it. I use the vacuum almost every single day on my hard floors, the couch and in my dog’s crate. Even with all of the use, the vacuum is still running strong.


In short it’s like this, you really do get what you pay for. And based on my experience, if you keep paying for cheap vacuum cleaners to vacuum pet hair. They will keep tearing up. When it’s all said and done, you will wished you would have spent the money to buy a good vacuum, the first time around.


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